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Tourism in the Causses and Cévennes

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Choosing your holidays at the Hotel du Mont Aigoual is the assurance of being in the heart of the tourist activity and the natural heritage of the Lozère, between the Cevennes National Park and the Grands Causses Regional Natural Park.

The Causses and the Cévennes are classified as UNESCO World Heritage Site as cultural landscape of the Mediterranean agro-pastoralism.

Tourist Information in Meyrueis

At the entrance of the Gorges de la Jonte and at the foot of the Mount Aigoual, the village of Meyrueis is idealy situated for a tourist discover of wide and rich areas.

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Tourism in Lozère

Lozère is an area of remarkably rich and diverse countryside and extraordinary landscapes. It’s France’s least populated département; sunny, close to the Mediterranean and firmly committed to sustainable tourism. But that’s not all. In 2011 Lozère was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in the Agro-Pastoral Cultural Landscapes category, and it is also full of history, fascinating legends and some very different things to do. 

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The Aven Armand caves

After a descent by funicular allowing easy access, the visit of the Aven Armand, brings you to more than 100 meters under ground to discover one of the purest jewels in the history of humanity (12 km from the hotel).

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The Bramabiau abyss

The abyss of Bramabiau has no modesty of a discreet entrance. When high tides rush outside in this breach, a deaf person rumour rises towards the mountain. A strange and singular site: it is certainly to Bramabiau who the amateurs of caves risk least to feel a sensation of déjà vu; the water continues in the current era its work against the stone (17 Km from the hotel).

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Dargilan cave

Being a visitor of Dargilan you're captured by the impressive dimensions and the variety of its accentuated natural colored formations. The original entrance, discovered in 1880 by a shepherd who hunted a fox, does not annouce the importance of the rooms which await the visitor. This underground maze, revealed in 1888 by Edouard Alfred Martel and arranged the first time in 1890, made of Dargilan the first cave open to the public.

"Go and visit Dargilan, even when you already know the most beautiful caverns of Europe"

E.A.MARTEL - Founder of French speleology

Located 9 km from the hotel.

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The Malene Boatmen

Exploring a river by boat is a rare treat. Visiting the Gorges du Tarn by boat means not only choosing the most suitable way to discover a canyon, but even more… Visit the Gorges du Tarn with a boatman for a guided tour of a natural site. It’s a bit like an exhibition or a museum in the sun where a rare moment in an exceptional setting can be shared.
In the most beautiful part of Gorges du Tarn, in the village of La Malène, the boatmen offer an 8-kilometre ride lasting around an hour, from April to October (20 km from the hotel).

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Windmill at La Borie, Causse Méjean

This 18th century windmill, restored in 2017, produces Flours of Méjean, in cooperation with farmers and bakers members of the association "Farine Méjean", engaged in the project of micro-sector of local cereals. The visits reveal the mechanism of the mill and the know-how of the miller. They discuss the Méjean causse and agro-pastoralism, the mechanism and operation of the mill as well as the know-how of the miller and his role in the cereals sector (13 km from the hotel).

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Mellow Vélos

We have sizes and styles for all the family. Each bike is cleaned and serviced before each hire.

The bikes come with puncture resistant tyres, spare tube, tools, pump, barbag, helmet, lock and new water bottle.

We will replace any cycle that develops a fault during your hire.

WHAT SIZE BIKE DO YOU NEED? Let us know how tall you are and we’ll do the rest.

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Randals Bison

American bison farm: trolley visiting western herd.
The visit to the ranch in 4 x 4. A tour of an hour and a half.
On the program: a great ride in the parks of several hundred hectares, visiting the corral and a break tasting buffalo meats ...
Film on American bison.
Exhibition on the history of bison.
Exhibition of the American Indians.
Western Show: cattle work riding demonstration every Wednesday evening in July and August (16 km from the hotel).

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Mont Aigoual weather station

Today Aigoual is the last remaining mountain meteorological station in France. The daily work consists of continuous observation of the weather with detailed forecasting for the Aigoual Massif (30 km from the hotel).

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House of the Vultures

Discover the site where this colony of vultures has been reintroduced, as well as the different species of vultures, their environment, and their history in the Lozère...

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Cévennes National Park

Come and discover the Cévennes National Park with its breathtaking scenery, exceptionally diverse flora and fauna, extremely well-preserved architecture, and inhabitants who are proud of this territory, which their daily activities have shaped over the millennia. Whether you like to walk, bike, climb, paddle, dream, contemplate, share, talk or taste – recharge your batteries by choosing the Destination Cévennes National Park !

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The Caussenarde farm

The Hyelzas Heritage Farm Museum, La Ferme Caussenarde d'Autrefois, with its typical 18th and 19th century architecture, tells the story of peasant life on the Causse Mejean right up to the 1950s. You can wander freely around the farmhouse. In the living room and bedrooms, discover the furniture, kitchenware and clothing of a bygone age. Drop by the stable, workshop, sheepfold, barn, grain store and the enormous bread oven to immerse yourself in the lifestyle and working tools of this era. Original photos, a miniature stone village and extracts of the film Lou Mejio (Occitan for the Mejean) will vividly bring to life the original family of peasant farmers who lived here. A detailed guide in English is available for all visitors.

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Foire de la Saint Michel 2019

Great regional fair with local products.
Every last Sunday of September, the producers of the region invite you to

"Make a Pact with the taste"
on the occasion of the biggest market of the authentic flavors of soil of Causses and Cevennes.

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Canoeing 2000

The Tarn, which takes its source at Mont Lozère, descends the slopes of the Cévennes of a fast and torrentous course. The Tarn sculpted the limestone plateaus (Causses Méjean and Causses de Sauveterre) and erosion gave the Gorges tormented forms that contrast their relief to the serenity of the Causses.

You will discover the sumptuous landscapes of the Gorges and a preserved nature. During your descent, you can stop to enjoy the many beaches of the Tarn, picnic, sunbath, swim or observe nature...

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Jeans Tuffery

The oldest French jean manufacturer. Labeled business of the heritage of life, the Tuffery workshop defends a historical craftsmanship. Established in Florac since 1892, four generations of fathers of sons succeed to make the oldest French jeans (34 km from the hotel).

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